Turkish Cypriots jailed for fake marriage scams

Three Turkish Cypriots were jailed in London for arranging fake marriages

Lawyer Tevfik Suleyman and two assistants, Cenk Guclu and Zafer Altinbas were found guilty of arranging fake marriages in the UK and sentenced to imprisonment.

Tevfik Suleyman was the ringleader of these crimes and was sentenced to 10 years. Cenk Guclu (41) received 9 years and Zafer Altinbas got 6 years and 9 months.

Their scam was to bring EU female nationals to the UK, who were then ‘married’ to men from outside the EU who would the claim UK citizenship and residency. Some of the grooms were dangerous career criminals from Albania suspected of murder, drugs trafficking and money laundering. But they won a right to live in the UK because of their EU ‘wives’.

The accused worked out of an office in North London and had arranged over two thousand fake marriages. They received £14,000 per marriage making a total of £28 million.

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