Turkish Cypriots less in favour of Cyprob settlement

SeeD (Centre for Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development) Director Professor Ahmet Sözen says that a survey organised by the institute shows that Turkish Cypriots are moving away from supporting a peace settlement.

The professor announced the results at a public meeting held by the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce.

500 people from each of the Cypriot communities were surveyed on their attitudes towards a settlement of the Cyprus problem between 2013/14. SeeD wanted to measure the potential for social cohesion between the two communities and assess how ready both sides were to compromise politically.

The survey showed that, strikingly, the Turkish Cypriots were moving away from the tendency towards a settlement and less likely to vote ‘yes’ in any future referendum. In addition, an increasing cultural gap was appearing between both communities. It also revealed that the Greek Cypriots surveyed were more in favour of settlement in 2014 than in the previous year.

Sözen also pointed out that great responsibility had fallen on both civil society organisations and the international community to evaluate the results carefully.

“It is therefore important that Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots embrace diversity and reduce social distance while also that the peace process is more inclusive”, he said.

Source BRTK online

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