Turkish Cypriots need a vision: Hasgüler

The two main political parties have lost sight of the electorate and are equally “hopeless”, according to prominent Turkish Cypriot political analyst Prof. Mehmet Hasgüler, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

He said that the UBP have a newspaper that even their own party members do not read. “On the other hand the CTP boasts about using leftist jargon but the road they follow and their attitude is disconnected from people”.

According to Hasgüler the conditions of two biggest political parties in the North are equally “hopeless”.

Hasgüler said that discussions about the Presidential elections scheduled for April 2015 began fairly early, adding that in his opinion the “determining factor” for the elections will be Eroğlu’s possible candidacy.

According to Hasgüler the discussions on presidential elections started too early. “For example former president Mehmet Ali Talat’s statements give the impression that he is requesting to be CTP-BG’s candidate. It seems like he hit the road and is trying to start an election campaign” said Hasgüler adding that “as negotiations are ongoing, these discussions create an image of our internal politics as one focused on locality rather than the negotiations”.

In Hasgüler’s opinion people who served as the president before should act more responsibly and should remember that the presidency carries an importance that stems from the Cyprus problem. “Their statements about the elections in which the message is “nothing is going to happen (regarding negotiations) anyway” are politically damaging themselves as these kind of statements are made with the ambition for office while Turkish Cypriots are in need of being presented with a vision”, Hasgüler concluded.

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