Turkish Cypriots never to be a minority in GC state: Atalay

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister responsible for Cypriot Affairs, said that the target of the UN is to find a solution in Cyprus during the next few months. Addressing the opening ceremony of Hala Sultan Theological College in Haspolat and the inaugural ceremony of Hala Sultan Mosque and the second phase of the college’s buildings in the same area, Atalay stated that Turkey, as guarantor power, fully supports all efforts in the direction of finding a solution in Cyprus, Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris reported.

He went on and said: “However, if these efforts find no response and a solution based on partnership is not achieved, we cannot tolerate this matter to continue forever”. Noting that “different negotiated solution options” could come onto the agenda in that case, Atalay argued: “Turkey will never allow for the Turkish Cypriots to be turned into a minority in a Greek Cypriot state. This should be well known“.

Referring to the importance of the complex of buildings they constructed in Haspolat, Atalay claimed that this would be “one of the seals” of the Turkish Cypriots on the island, one of the “important signs” of their existence and one of the “facts which defend their land”.

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