Turkish Cypriots prefer Larnaca airport

An increasing number of Turkish Cypriots living in the UK prefer to travel to the island via Larnaca airport instead of Ercan airport.

According to the figures provided to the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, between January-May 2017, the number of the Turkish Cypriots expats who used Ercan and seaports to travel to the TRNC fell by 10.7% while there was an increase of 10.9% on the number of Turkish Cypriot expats who travelled to Cyprus using either Larnaca airport or Paphos airport.

Also, according to the figures, during the first five months of 2017, the number of passengers who travelled to North Cyprus via the ports and airports increased by 12.47%, compared with the same period of the previous year, and so numbers increased from 677,192 from 602,070.

According to the same figures, during the same period of last year in total 8,582 Turkish Cypriots expats from London came to Cyprus via Ercan airport, while at the same time, the number of Turkish Cypriots who came to the island this year via Ercan during the same period of this year fell to 7,668.

The paper adds further that Turkish Cypriots travellers who wish to travel to or from the UK prefer to do so via the South, either because of the lower ticket prices or in order to avoid the inconvenience of the new practice which is implemented on flights from Turkey and the TRNC to the UK. Passengers are now obliged to disembark from the plane when it lands in Turkey and go through security checks for a second time before reboarding the plane and continuing their journey to the UK.


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