Turkish Cypriots protest against healthcare fees in South

Eleven Turkish Cypriot organisations protested on Thursday against two Greek Cypriot political parties, DIKO and DISY, which have submitted a draft law to the Greek Cypriot Parliament to remove the rights of Turkish Cypriots and political refugees to free health care in Republic of Cyprus state hospitals and to receive social aid from the RoC.

The eleven organisations, which include two political parties, issued a joint statement alleging that the draft law was a product of “racist mentality” and asked for its withdrawal. The organisations argued that Turkish Cypriots are equal political partners of the Republic of Cyprus and therefore have the same rights as Greek Cypriots. They said that in case of alleged usurpation of the Turkish Cypriots’ rights, which derive from the Republic of Cyprus, they will apply to international courts.

The organisations included the Social Democracy Party (TDP), United Cyprus Party (BKP), and the Turkish Cypriot unions for physicians (Tip-Is), teachers (KTOS), public servants (KTAMS) and municipal workers (BES).

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