Turkish Cypriot Side Withdraws Map

The Presidential Spokesman Barış Burcu has said that the Turkish Cypriot side has taken back the map it presented as part of talks on territory at the Conference on Cyprus.

In a statement to the TAK News Agency, Burcu said that the map which had been prepared and presented to the UN had been returned upon the request of President Mustafa Akıncı.

Following the failure of the Conference on Cyprus, the Greek Cypriot leadership had announced that it had withdrawn all proposals it had put on the table during the conference.

North Cyprus News - Mustafa AkinciIn response, President Mustafa Akıncı had informed the UN that it had drawn back the Turkish Cypriot’s map locked up in the safe of the UN Headquarters in Geneva and had requested it to be returned.

According to the Presidential Spokesman, the map had been personally delivered to President Akıncı last December by Sergiy Illarianov, Head of the Office of the Special Advisor to the UN Secretary General.

Mr Illarianov picked up the map from Geneva and delivered it personally to President Mustafa Akıncı in December in the presence of the negotiating team. As a result there are currently no proposals on territorial adjustments on the table”, he said.

He also reminded that the negotiations are based on the principle that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.


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