Turkish Cypriots submit 5 step roadmap for negotiations

Following the meeting between Presidents Eroğlu and Anastasiades, President Eroğlu has said that both sides had submitted responses to Confidence Building Measures (CBM) during Monday’s meeting, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

Eroğlu said that the Turkish Cypriot side submitted a 5-step road map regarding the future of the negotiations and that the Greek Cypriot side will be evaluating these proposals.

Speaking after Monday’s meeting, President Eroğlu added that the two sides will be evaluating the CBMs and the negotiators will convey both side’s opinion on them.

Answering a question regarding the possibility of a framework agreement, Eroğlu said that neither side were considering a“framework agreement”.

“A framework agreement is not on either side’s agenda. Our aim is to put the agreement to public vote at the end of the negotiation process”, the president said.

With regard to a question about the opening of new check-points, Eroğlu said “During our talks with Mr Christofias we proposed [that] a check-point be opened in Lefka Aplic when Limnitis check-point was opened. Our proposal was well received at the beginning, however as the committees were working on opening of the Limnitis check-point, Lefke check-point still remains closed”. Eroğlu said that the opening of a new check-point in Nicosia is on the agenda but before the decision is made, there needs to be an assessment and consultation with the military.

According to Eroğlu, the opening of each check-point requires new police and customs staff, which also is a “lengthy” process.

“The opening of new check-points in Nicosia is currently on the agenda. Opening Lefke check-point simultaneously with a new check-point in Nicosia would be beneficial for the Greek Cypriot community. Greek Cypriots petitioned their government for the opening of Lefke check-point. We both agreed to shift the time for evaluation of this possibility, to an earlier date”, President Eroğlu added.

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