Turkish Cypriots surveyed on their thoughts about the negotiations

According to a survey held by Turkish Gezici Research Company, using face to face interviews with 1,304 persons in north Cyprus, 89.4% of the inhabitants of north Cyprus are in favour of keeping a number of Turkish troops after the solution of the Cyprus problem.

Recalling that the same company had correctly predicted the results of the recent presidential elections in the north, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Diyalog’ writes that 5.1% of the participants in the survey said that it is not important whether the Turkish troops stay or go, 3.5% noted that the Turkish troops must be completely withdrawn and 2% expressed the view that the Turkish army must be replaced by an international military force.

The participants were asked a series of questions and given a choice of several alternative replies as shown below:

Should Turkey’s active and effective guarantees continue as they are:

Yes – 88.8%,

No guarantees are needed – 9.9%

Replace Turkey’s guarantees with guarantees by other organisations – 1.3%

‘Diyalog’ reports that 53% of respondents think that President Akinci has carried out his duties successfully. Asked how well Akinci had defended the rights of the TRNC, they replied:

We appear weak compared to the Greek Cypriot side – 37.6%

We are continuously giving concessions – 32.2%

He defends our rights very well – 30.2%

Asked to express their view on President Akinci’s proposal that 29.2% of Cyprus territory should remain under Turkish Cypriot administration, they said:

No territory should be given to the Greek Cypriot side – 46.7%

It is alright to give this territory as a requirement for a solution – 33.7%

Too much territory being given without getting something in return – 19.6%

The participants were asked if they were upset by the fact that around 45 thousand Greek Cypriots will be settled in north Cyprus after the solution and an unlimited number of Greek Cypriots will have the right to stay and work there, they replied:

We do not want Greek Cypriots to live with us – 60.5%

Let everybody who wishes to come to do so, this is no problem for me – 20.2%

This number is too high, it must be reduced significantly – 19.3%

Replying to another question, 69.9% of the participants in the survey said that “bi-zonality will definitely be watered down” by the Greek Cypriots unconditionally living, establishing businesses and residing in north Cyprus. Only 30.1% said that “this is normal”.

Asked to state their view regarding a solution in which “65 thousand Turkish Cypriots will be forced to abandon their homes and workplaces”, 83.5% said that “such a solution will not be fair” and only 16.5% that “it will be fair”.

Asked how they would vote in a possible referendum given the developments emerging from the negotiations, so far, 41.3% replied that they decided to vote “no” from now on, 36.5% said that they will decide after seeing a possible solution agreement and 22.2% stated that looking at the current situation, they decided to vote “yes”.


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