Turkish Cypriots want their rights returned: Akinci

The rights of the Turkish Cypriots have been usurped in Cyprus, President Mustafa Akinci has said. He added that they want a solution by which they will regain their rights and be equal partners.

In statements in Istanbul on his way to New York, Akinci said that “We need a process in which there will be much more participation and we will proceed towards the target in harmony”, he noted.

Akinci reiterated that negotiations with President Anastasiades have begun well and that a good start is important but not enough. “It should continue well and its end should be good”, he noted adding that “a very serious and difficult job, such as creating a text by which a possible solution could be internalised by both communities and approved by both peoples, is expected of us”.

The president said that this should be a new period during which they will be in dialogue and in harmony with Turkey, but most importantly the Turkish Cypriot community should come together and become a part of the process. Akinci pointed out that the parameters of the solution are known and that there is a framework which was most recently finalised on 11th February 2014.

Asked what the result of a possible referendum will be, Akinci said that the people will examine and discuss the issue and make their decision accordingly. Referring to the Annan Plan referendum, he said that the Greek Cypriot side gave priority to the accession to the EU then believing that it could impose the solution it wanted and voted ‘no’ to the plan. He added: “They soon saw that the EU is not a paradise garden. Even if you are in the EU, you will be disappointed if you cannot do your homework well“.

Akinci pointed out that there are some public opinion polls, which show that 52% of the Greek Cypriots who had voted ‘no’ to the Annan Plan will say ‘yes’ to a possible solution.

Kibris Gazetesi

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