Turkish Cypriots want to manage water from Turkey says head of Chambers

The chairman of the Chambers of Cyprus Turkish Engineers and Architects (KTMMOB) Ahmet Hüdaoğlu, has said that there could be disputes because the Turkish Cypriots are excluded from administering and managing the water purification plant and pumping station which distributes water from Turkey.

According to the water protocol signed between Turkey and the TRNC, Turkey’s State Water Affairs Department (DSI) will be responsible.

The Turkish Cypriots need to be educated and included in the system, he said.

Hüdaoğlu also pointed out that the TRNC’s annual requirement for potable water has increased. He stated that the need for potable water has reached 105 million tons and argued that the 75 million tons of water sent annually by Turkey to North Cyprus will not be enough to cover their needs.


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