Turkish Cypriots will never accept servitude: Ozgurgun

Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün has said that the resistance put up in Yeşilırmak was proof that the Turkish Cypriot people will never accept any form of servitude.

In his message issued to mark the 43rd anniversary of the Yeşilırmak Resistance, the Prime Minister said, “this meaningful resistance is extremely important in understanding how the Turkish Cypriots have come to where they are today through difficult struggles for their existence on this island. The Yeşilırmak Resistance is proof to the world that the Turkish Cypriot people will sacrifice their lives if need be for their freedom. The Turkish Cypriot people have established their free and independent state through the support and security provided by motherland Turkey.

Özgürgün also said that it was their duty to pass on the heroic Yeşilırmak resistance to future generations.

In light of the current developments on the Cyprus Issue, it is my view and belief that the realities must be accepted. It must be understood that we will never abandon our sovereignty or the guarantees provided by motherland Turkey”, he said.


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