Turkish Deputy PM expresses respect for Akinci’s comments

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, has spoken in support of comments made by newly elected President Mustafa Akinci. Downplaying the angry response of Turkish President Erdogan to Akinci’s remarks regarding relations between the TRNC and Turkey, he said that “we should respect Mr Akinci’s statements too”. Arinc, who will represent Turkey at President Akinci’s inauguration ceremony on Thursday 30th April, said that the TRNC has a maturing democracy and the relationship between the mainland and the TRNC can evolve.

Referring to the upset between Erdogan and Akinci on the “motherland – daughterland” expressions, where Akinci said he was looking for a more equal relationship, Arinc argued: “The relation between the TRNC and Turkey is not a matter of motherland – daughterland. This is a description used because we have these sincere relations. We should respect Mr Akinci’s statements also. Of course we must look for better cooperation possibilities.”

“Our relation with the TRNC does not resemble to our relation with other countries. We are offering much more help to northern Cyprus. The TRNC has existed for years. I know both the period before these elections and their result. This is democratic maturity. We do not interfere in Cyprus’ internal affairs. We do not interfere in the elections, directly or indirectly. The relations have been evaluated with the simile of motherland – daughter land. No one should be offended by this. However, we are not about to interfere in Mr Akinci’s statements. Akinci is a person with influence in Cyprus politics. Mr Akinci made a positive statement. This issue is closed”, Arinc said.

Kibris Gazetesi

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