Turkish Deputy PM visits TRNC

The Turkish Deputy Prime Minister in Charge of Cyprus Affairs Recep Akdağ is continuing his contacts in the TRNC.

Akdağ who met with state and government officials yesterday, reiterated Turkey’s support for the TRNC.

The Turkish Minister of State was received by President Mustafa Akıncı, the Speaker of the Republic’s Assembly Sibel Siber and Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün.

He also met with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Serdar Denktaş.

Touching upon bi-lateral relations between the two countries as well as the Cyprus probelm during his meetings, Akdağ reiterated Ankara’s support for the TRNC.

Expressing Turkey’s desire to see a partnership settlement in Cyprus, the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister said “Supporting and pursuing a partnership settlement has always been our path and we shall continue on that path in the period ahead”.

Criticizing the Greek Cypriot side’s stance, Akdağ said that it was high time the UN and the international community told South Cyprus to abandon its intransigent positions.

Receiving the Turkish Minister of State, President Mustafa Akıncı said that the TRNC, although not recognized diplomatically, was an entity with all its bodies and institutions.

It has become clear that endless negotiations without deadlines will take us nowhere. It is now a time of reflection. They (the Greek Cypriots) will either come to terms with sharing political power with us or they will find themselves discussing with us the conditions of living side by side under two different roofs”, he said.

The Speaker of the Republic’s Assembly Sibel Siber during her meeting with Akdağ said that the TRNC was an existing entity with its democracy, executive and judiciary that deserves the world’s recognition and respect.

Adding that the Turkish Cypriots had a duty to better explain themselves to the world from this point onwards, Siber said that joint projects with Turkey to raise the prosperity of the Turkish Cypriots will continue.

Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün touched upon the Cyprus Issue during his meeting with the Turkish deputy prime minister.

Özgürgün repeated his view that negotiations on the basis of UN parameters had been exhausted and that South Cyprus and Greece were to blame for this.

On bi-lateral relations, Özgürgün said that efforts to further develop the TRNC with the cooperation and support of motherland Turkey will continue.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Serdar Denktaş for his part said that they had held a short evaluation regarding the economy of the TRNC.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Akdağ is continuing his contacts today. He leaves the island this evening.


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