Turkish fashion designer deported from TRNC for posting insulting video

A well-known Turkish fashion designer, was arrested on Monday by the TRNC police and deported from north Cyprus.

Barbaros Sansal was deported following a complaint filed with the police by a group of people alleging that he had insulted Turkey and the Turkish people in a video he had shared on social media.

Sansal had been arrested at Ercan airport for possession of drugs on 11th May, 2015 and was sentenced to one month’s imprisonment. He was to be deported, however, this decision was reversed by the then Minister of the Interior.

The Turkish fashion designer owns a number of properties in the north and has been staying in Karaman/Karmi for a considerable length of time.

After the complaint against him was lodged, the current Interior Minister decided to have him deported.

When he arrived in Turkey, Sansal was attacked by an angry mob and was saved from a lynching by Turkish police who put him in custody.


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