Turkish frigate to accompany ‘Barbaros’ seismic vessel

The Turkish frigate TCG ‘Gokceada’ is expected to head to the sea areas off the Karpas and Famagusta Bay which is being swept by seismic vessel ‘Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha’. The ‘Barbaros’ began its operations to search for hydrocarbons offshore Cyprus in November last year.

According to ‘Politis’, the Turkish Ministry of Defence took the decision to escort the ‘Barbaros’ with the frigate ‘Gokceada’ which will also be accompanied by a submarine. The paper speculates that the Turkish navy is looking to maintain a more permanent presence in the eastern Mediterranean.

Reports from the Turkish press says that the Turkish Ministry of Defence decided to ensure the protection of their research vessel ‘Barbaros’.

Last November, the South Cyprus Foreign Ministry told Ankara that such moves were in violation of clear legal obligations towards member countries of the international community and could only contribute to instability in the region.

Turkey has responded by saying that it has every right to search for hydrocarbons in its own territorial waters.

The argument between Turkey and Cyprus about the issue of sovereign rights over sea territories continues.

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