Turkish guarantees maintain peace in Cyprus: Eroglu

President Dervis Eroglu, in statements yesterday while visiting the villages of Degirmenlik, and Minarelikoy said, inter alia, that Cyprus is the only country in the Eastern Mediterranean where there is no bloodshed and that this is due to the existence of Turkey’s active and effective guarantees.

Stating that it is not possible to reach to an agreement which will not include Turkey’s guarantees, Eroglu added: “Our vision is the integration of the Turkish Cypriot community with the international community, while at the same time, our national security is considered very important”.

Declaring that there is peace in Cyprus at the moment and that what it lacks is an agreement, Eroglu called on the Greek Cypriot side to return to the negotiating table and added that the negotiating table is the place for an agreement to be reached.

Eroglu repeated his accusation that President Anastasiades had abandoned the negotiation process under several pretexts, especially during a time that the mutual give-take process was about to start.

The Turkish Cypriot president said that he remains at the negotiating table. He then criticised the Republican Turkish Party-United Forces (CTP-BG) for accusing him of not being in favour of the solution and alleged that CTP reiterates continuously the same message and does not use any other expression than the word “solution”.

Source Kibris Gazetesi

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