Turkish human rights record needs improving

There are still serious problems with regard to human rights in Turkey, although efforts have been made to improve the situation,  stated Ahmet Faruk Ünsal, the President of the Association of Human Rights and Solidarity for Oppressed Peoples.

Despite the fact that Turkey’s history of troubled relations between its civil and military institutions has been acknowledged, changes made in the law protecting women and a commission formed to draft a new constitution, there still remains a list of unresolved issues.

Some of the most contentious being, no clear explanation of the Uludere incident (36 Kurdish civilians died under an attack by Turkish F16 jets near the Iraqi border, last December), the controversial election of the first ombudsman in the country, the headscarf ban, failure to abolish military courts, torture in custody and the abuse of children in prison.

This is a substantial list that the Turkish Government needs to address next year, the activist said.

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