Turkish journalist to lose TRNC citizenship over alleged links to FETO

Jailed journalist Nazlı Ilıcak will lose her TRNC citizenship for allowing the Gulen network into North Cyprus by using her residence as a base for the organisation, Turkish daily ‘Sabah’ reported on September 11.

According to the report, Ilıcak’s property in North Cyprus, which was rented 22 years ago, had been used as a base to serve the Gulen network, believed to have orchestrated the July 2016 coup attempt.

Police reports also revealed that high-ranking Turkish police officers with alleged links to the Gulen network and some TRNC police officers had held meetings at the residence, the report said.

It has also been reported that the house had been evacuated completely in the wake of last year’s failed coup attempt.

Ilıcak became a naturalised TRNC citizen in 1995.

I dined at a restaurant which had previously been a house next to a monastery they called Bellapais in Girne in 1995. A British gay couple had been managing this restaurant named Abbey House and they wanted to hand the restaurant over so that they could leave. I bought it here as a house because its price was much cheaper compared to Turkey. I applied for citizenship as I had residence and I was accepted,” Ilıcak had stated in 2004 about her naturalisation process.

A veteran of journalism and politics in Turkey, Ilıcak was arrested on 26 July 2016 and is being held Istanbul’s Bakırköy prison for women on suspicion of being linked to the movement led by US-based cleric Fethullah Gülen, which is accused by the Turkish government of being behind the July 2016 coup attempt.

After she had been held for nine months, the prosecutor’s office finally issued an indictment on 17 April seeking three life sentences for her on charges of assisting a terrorist organisation and trying to overthrow the government, parliament and constitutional order. Ilıcak has denied these charges.

Sabah, Hurriyet, rsf.org

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