Turkish Lira Continues to Fall

North Cyprus News - Turkish LiraThe depreciation of the Turkish lira against foreign currency continues.

The British pound and US dollar reached their highest values against the Turkish lira in the last ten years.


The US dollar rate, which started October at 7.73/ TL, fell last month to 7.6335/TL on October 1, and rose to 8.2360/TL as of today.


On September 28, The euro fell to 8,8904 against the lira. At the start of October the rate was 9.11/TL and reached its highest rate at 9.7169 yesterday.

The euro is currently trading at 9.6947/TL.


Starting October at 9.99/TL, the British pound fell to its lowest rate at 9.7726/TL on September 28 and reached the highest value against the Turkish lira at 10.7511/TL as of today .

The British pound now has reached its highest value against the Turkish lira for ten years.

Kibris Postasi

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