Turkish Mafia Battles Spilling Into TRNC

Saturday, 12 February, 2022.

North Cyprus News - Halil Falyali - Casino Boss
[Murdered Casino Boss – Halil Falyalı]
The murder of casino boss Halil Falyalı was carried out in order to silence him, journalist Saygı Öztürk writing for Turkish online publication sozcu.com states.

Falyali was said to be at the heart of drug trafficking and his name has frequently been mentioned in connection with illegal activities in North Cyprus, Öztürk writes.

He goes on to say that three members of the same family who are linked to kidnapping, murder, armed attacks and extortion were detained in connection with the casino owner’s murder.

The author states that he had spoken to a Chief of Police and published the following statements made by the police officer as follows:

Some of the members of this criminal organisation are being dismissed from the police and the armed forces. The entire family is educated. There are also doctors among them. Their biggest feature is that they do not talk during the interrogation or give statements that will lead the investigation in a different direction. So they don’t say what they did. That’s why some jobs are outsourced to them. If it is determined that these people [who] performed the act, know that they will not give anyone away.

Öztürk writes: “All the important allegations brought onto the agenda were not investigated. There are important names linked to every issue. Is that why it cannot be touched or investigated?  The question comes to mind. When they can’t be touched, and the Public Prosecutor can’t make an investigation, the events keep turning to dust.”

Changes in Local Communities

The author also goes on to lament the changing society in North Cyprus. He refers to Dr. Kemal Gürüz’s presidency of the Council of Higher Education (YÖK), when there were plans to turn North Cyprus into a “university island”. Since then, thousands of foreign students have flocked to the TRNC. He says that once there was a time when North Cyprus was peaceful and everyone knew each other. 

Öztürk writes: “There is a battle between organised crime factions in the TRNC. It is as if the events in our country [Turkey] have been transferred to the TRNC. Black money, drugs, organised crime, extortion and similar events are common. A million pounds tribute was demanded from businessman Bulut Akacan recently. When he didn’t comply, they shot his father Akacan in the leg as a “warning”. Halil Falyalı, who had important political power in the country and was known for his support for certain names, was also killed as a result of this struggle”.

The TRNC General Directorate of Security operates under the Turkish Security Command. Great efforts are being made to shed light on the Falyalı murder. Interesting images were found in the examination of MOBESE [traffic camera] records. It seems that there are those who have given inside information about Falyalı to the criminal organisation. Another interesting detail is that Falyalı did not get into his armoured vehicle that day, but put his wife and child in the armoured vehicle. As he leaves his hotel, it appears that there are two vehicles outside waiting for his exit. The shooters are informed which vehicle Falyalı is in.Long-barreled weapons were illegally brought into the TRNC. Apparently the shooters are experienced too  because seven of the bullets fired into the moving vehicle hit Falyalı. The driver of the vehicle is killed. This reveals that shooters are not ordinary people. Moreover, it is clear that they are targeting not to injure but to kill”.

For full article click here Sozcu.com

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