Turkish migrants form new organisation in TRNC

Concerns over unfair treatment has given rise to a new organisation being established called ‘Yeni Dogus Hareketi’ (New Rising Movement) which aims to gain equality for Turkish citizens living in the TRNC.

Erhan Arikli who gave the news of the newly-formed organisation, said they would defend the rights and equalities of all citizens carrying a TRNC ID card. He said they would not differentiate between ‘old Cypriots and new Cypriots’.

The reason for the formation of the new movement was to help Turkish migrants to the TRNC deal with problems they have been facing. Those who would be most affected by the negotiations settlement would be, without any doubt, those who had arrived in Cyprus after 1974, Arikli said.

He added that Greek Cypriots who referred to these people as settlers, opposed their presence on the island and demanded that ‘they should all be sent back’. He argued that no one was able to say what would happen to those people who migrated to the island after 1974, despite most of them becoming TRNC citizens.

Arikli said that the bitter truth was that those who had been in power in the TRNC had acted with prejudice against the post 1974 immigrants. The attitude of left-wing parties and other organisations had left them feeling like outsiders.

He also emphasised that electoral law only gave these citizens a right to vote; it did not however give them the right to be voted for; limiting their representation to no more than 2 MPs. He argued that no country, including the Greek Cypriot side, had a citizenship law like this one.

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