Turkish military obstructing Derinya road opening

The Derinya crossing point will not be opened, neither simultaneously with Aplic in Lefke nor at any other time, activist for the Famagusta Initiative, Dr. Okan Dagli said on Friday.

Dagli’s responded on social media the day after Turkish Cypriot Prime Minister Huseyin Ozgurgun said that if the Lefke border crossing was not opened, then Derinya crossing would also not be permitted to open.

There was no authority in the north powerful enough to open Derinya, Dagli said, because it was the Turkish army that was blocking attempts to open the road.

According an agreement between the Turkish Cypriot authorities and the military, a fence, which is laid alongside the road which leads to Famagusta, was supposed to be moved back a few metres to make way for the new road.

The military would be provided with a new fence covered with a tarpaulin so that those using the road would not be able to see the fenced-off area of Famagusta (Varosha).

Dagli said the military had not moved the fence by one foot and added that “with the money provided by the UNDP and the EU, the Turkish Cypriot local authorities had gained a 2.8km new road. Those who think they rule will be giving a 4km fence to the military as demanded and the watch posts will be renewed. The part of the road in the buffer zone remains untouched. Works on the southern part of the crossing had been completed by the Derynia municipality. This is the situation on the Derinya road.

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