Turkish Military to Take Over Gecitkale Airport

North Cyprus News - Gecitkale AirportGeçitkale Airport, which has remained idle for many years, is planned to be used for military purposes as a result of recent developments in the region.

A high-level official has said that Geçitkale Airport will be given over for the use of the Turkish Armed Forces (UAV) and Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (SİHA).

A senior official of General Staff in Turkey said that experts had surveyed the runway and aircraft hangars.

Reminding that Geçitkale Airport was built for military purposes, the senior official said the hangars are large enough to accommodate warplanes. The runway is arranged in such a way that combat aircraft can take off and land easily. Therefore, Geçitkale will now be used in accordance with the purpose for which it was constructed.


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