Turkish MP suggests founding Turkish airbase on the island

Leader of Turkey’s far-right Felicity Party, Temel Karamollaoğlu, has proposed the creation of a Turkish air-base in Cyprus instead of the withdrawal of the Turkish army, the Cyprus News Agency reported on Friday.

All the problems on the island were solved by the 1974 peace operation, introducing peace and security,” he said in a statement, referring to the Turkish “invasion” of Cyprus [as the Cyprus Mail describes Turkey’s military intervention.]

The soil that has been covered with the blood of heroes is not negotiable. The strategy of negotiating through an imaginary European adventure is pointless.

The government, Karamollaoğlu said, must move within the bounds of this historical truth.

Whether the Turkish army withdraws from Cyprus completely or is reduced in number, is one and the same,” he said.

He proposed the creation of a military air-base in Cyprus, instead of the withdrawal of Turkish troops from the island, and making July 20, the anniversary of the Turkish peacekeeping operation, a national holiday.

After this evening’s negotiation session which begins at 7pm, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will host a supper at 9.30pm for delegation leaders and their plus ones.

Cyprus Mail

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