Turkish MPs draft constitutional amendment granting president executive powers

Turkey’s ruling AK party in consultation with the MHP, have drafted a charter which, if passed by parliament, will grant President Erdogan more executive powers.

The works we have conducted with the MHP have reached a certain point and after the last review is made, God willing, the AKP will submit the proposal of the constitutional amendment to parliament next week,” Prime Minister and AKP leader Binali Yildirim said after the meeting with MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli.

The two party leaders came together to discuss the constitutional amendment which creates an executive presidency, as was outlined by the AKP in consultation with the MHP.

Yildirim explained that a partisan presidency meant that the president would be permitted to maintain links with his own political party. Currently the constitution stipulates that the president remains above party politics.

In the amendment, if the president is elected, his relationship with his party can continue. This is the most important change that has been made. The current constitution states that the relationship with the party will be cut off if the president is elected, the amendment states the relationship will continue,” he said.

With 316 seats in parliament, the AKP needs at least 14 additional votes in the legislature to be able to take the constitutional amendment package to a referendum. As it holds 40 seats, the MHP is poised to play the role of kingmaker on the proposal.


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