Turkish Navy Wants Its Own Base in TRNC


North Cyprus News - Turkish Navy Exercise
[Turkish Naval Exercise – File Photo]28 August, 2018
Britain, the United States, Spain, Italy, Canada, Denmark, Portugal, Belgium, Germany and Greece, under the pretext of the Syrian war have already sent naval shipping to the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, Turkey has urgent need of a naval base in the area, according to a report by Turkish daily, Yeni Şafak, while there is an increasing military presence in the region and the Greek Cypriot administration is unilaterally drilling for energy deposits in the Eastern Mediterranean. Turkey is planning against attempts to restrict its sovereign rights, the report says In this regard, the Turkish Naval Command has submitted a proposal to the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to establish a naval base at a suitable location in the TRNC .

Turkey first proposed measures, suggested by the Turkish Naval Forces Command, to establish a naval base in Cyprus in 2009. This proposal was the first of its kind after the Greek Cypriots opened the Paphos Airbase in 1998 and the Greek Cypriot Administration and Greece signed an agreement under the Common Defence Strategy in 2000

A TRNC naval base will be established, to guarantee the preservation of the sovereign rights of the TRNC and Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean and the protection of their interests in hydrocarbon exploration offshore Cyprus and southern Turkey, to defend against invasions in the field and if the Cyprus negotiations should be restarted, strengthening the TRNC and Turkey’s hand. Given these factors, it is recommended that Turkey establishes a naval base in the TRNC, such as the sovereign base held by Britain in Cyprus.

The civilian airport at Geçitkale in North Cyprus should also be upgraded, says the report. The airport has been used by Turkish military aircraft and the Turkish Red Stars. Currently air traffic movement from the airport is restricted because of the recent installation of high voltage overhead powerlines.

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For full report in Turkish click here Yeni Şafak


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