Nicosia old quarter sales down

The Arasta area of Nicosia has many historical and cultural monuments as well as the bazaar. Consequently it receives many visitors daily and these are still coming in. However shopkeepers are complaining that despite so many visitors nobody is buying anything.

Shopkeepers say that until a few years ago, 60% of their trade came from Greek Cypriots but that this has now dwindled down to nothing.

In addition the prohibition on selling counterfeit goods is hitting them badly. Most of the shops sell counterfeit handbags and other products. These used to be very popular with Greek Cypriots but Greek customs have cracked down on their purchase.

Locals do not do much business here either, shopkeepers claim that this is mainly due to expensive parking. At TL 5 per hour, why would somebody spend TL 10 for parking to buy socks for TL 2, they ask.

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