Turkish parliament continues to debate constitutional amendments

Turkish parliamentarians, late on Friday, adopted the ninth and tenth articles of a new constitutional reform package that regulates criminal liabilities for the president and top officials.

The Turkish Grand National Assembly will need an absolute majority to investigate alleged crimes by the president, vice president or Cabinet. The ninth article was endorsed by 343 MPs, while the tenth was approved by 343 of 550 lawmakers.

Both articles require MPs to discuss the proposal within one month and a decision to launch an inquiry must be met by 330 MPs (three-fifths of the assembly), in a secret ballot.

Elsewhere, main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu has once again hit out against the government-backed constitutional amendments for a shift to a presidential system.

I want to once again remind you that the presidency is not a post either for tyranny over the nation or for the unlimited ego of one person,” he wrote on his official Twitter account on Friday.

No one should think that being elected gives them absolute and unlimited power. They should not think they have power over everybody and every institution,” he added.

[Presidents] should not try to declare as an enemy any opposition and anyone they see as an opponent. They should not try to crush them for their own survival,” the CHP leader also stated.


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