Turkish PM addresses ‘Yes’ Rally in Nicosia

A rally to support the ‘Yes’ campaign launched ahead of the constitutional amendment referendum to be held on 16th April in Turkey, was held in the Atatürk Sports Hall in Nicosia on Thursday evening.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim addressed the rally as did the TRNC Minister of Public Works and Transport Kemal Durust and Minister of Economy and Energy Sunat Atun.

Extensive security was put in place by the police in the hall.

PM Yildirim said that the ‘Yes’ vote will make the TRNC stronger. Turkey, he said had developed the TRNC and allocated funding to improve the infrastructure which will enhance social and economic conditions in North Cyprus

Referring to the Cyprus negotiations Yildirim, said, “The Greek Cypriot side continues to see the Turkish side as a ‘minority’. Enosis has been their mindset for 60 years. If you want a solution, peace and fraternity in Cyprus, then you need to accept equal and fair governance from the beginning.”

He said that Turkey is always hopeful for the future of Cyprus and that she has always supported a fair, lasting and comprehensive solution in Cyprus despite the recent bottleneck in the negotiations.

Explaining that a settlement to be reached in Cyprus must be a solution that will surely guarantee the lives and property of the Turkish Cypriots, which will ensure equal and fair governance of the Turkish Cypriots, Prime Minister Yildirim said:

Turkey is the guarantor there to protect the political and economic rights of North Cyprus and to eliminate security concerns. We will continue to support you on every platform, not to try to solve your problems. While continuing this struggle on the one hand, on the other hand we will continue to do what we need to achieve further advancement of Northern Cyprus. We have a formula for our Northern Cypriot brothers; Whatever happens in Turkey will be reflected in North Cyprus. We have always worked hard for North Cyprus. What has been built in the TRNC is better than the south. Projects for improving living conditions will continue,” he said.


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