Turkish water project still delayed

The ‘Project of the Century’ Project which will bring water from the Turkish mainland to the TRNC via pipelines has been delayed.

It was hoped that the switch on ceremony would coincide with the anniversary of the 41st Peace and Freedom day.

There was some speculation that the opening ceremony was to be conducted by Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan.

Blaming adverse weather conditions, Birol Cinar, the director of the project admitted that work was well behind schedule. He said that he hoped that the project would be completed by August.

Cinar added that only 61.5 km of the 80km-length pipe line has been completed, far less than had been anticipated.

It is unclear if the remaining 17.5 kilometers of pipe can be laid within the next few weeks.

When complete, the network will pump 75 million cubic meters of water annually from Turkey to Cyprus with pipelines tethered on the sea bed, floating 250 meters under the sea.

Kibris Postasi

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