Turkish Water Will Not Supply All Farming Needs

North Cyprus News - Guzelyurt PlainThe water brought from Turkey to North Cyprus via undersea pipeline is not enough for the agricultural production needs of the whole of the north of the island, Minister of Agriculture Erkut Şahali has said.

Guzelyurt is the primary target for water supply, the minister noted. He added that construction of the pipeline which will provide water to the Guzelyurt plain will take three years. Şahali recalled that construction began two months ago. The length of the pipe will be 5.7 kilometres and in some places it will go 179 meters under the ground.

It should be understood that the water from Turkey is not in a quantity which will secure agricultural transformation in the Masaoria plain”, he said adding that they should develop projects for using the local resources in a sustainable manner for Mesaoria.


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