Turks will not back constitutional amendment – survey shows

A public opinion poll in Turkey has shown that the majority of people would not vote in favour of amending the existing constitution to bring in an executive presidency.

The poll was conducted by the Avrasya Research Company between 3-9 of March 2017 in 26 provinces of Turkey with a sample of 8,120 persons.

Asked how they will vote for the referendum in April for amending the current Constitution of Turkey, the respondents replied as follows:

No: 57.57%

Yes: 42.43%

The results of the survey also show that if elections were held today in Turkey the parties will get the following percentages:

Justice and Development Party (AKP): 45.23%.

Republican People’s Party (CHP): 31.58%

People’s Democracy Party (HDP): 10.32%

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP): 9.68%

Others: 3.19%

Asked if there is a need for the establishment of a new central-right party, the persons asked said:

Yes: 60.1%

No: 39.4%


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