Tussle at the Top

The long simmering animosity between the President, Dervis Eroglu and the Prime Minister, Irsen Kucuk is heating up and going public.

No doubt recent developments have intensified because of the imminent elections on February 24th. These are for the leadership of the UBP party for which there are two contenders. Last year at the UBP convention, Mr Kucuk declared himself the winner of a closely fought election. Dr Kasif, the beaten contender, went to court and it was judged that the elections were illegal. Despite many legal appeals by Mr Kucuk, the court was adamant that new elections must be held. Mr Eroglu supported Dr Kasif against Mr Kucuk.

Here are some extracts from a statement by Mr Eroglu made earlier today.

Someone is trying to sour the relations between the UBP and Eroglu, this is not a good sign“.

President Eroglu went on to say that Mr Kucuk had accused him of disloyalty to Turkey. He said that this was shameful as he had no disloyalty or hostility to Turkey.

Mr Kucuk should look at himself before making such accusations. How can he accuse me of disloyalty when there wasn’t even a poster of me at the last UBP congress“, he added.

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