Tweaks to Health System Needed to Stop Covid-19 Spreading

North Cyprus News - Jale Refik Rogers - HP
Dr Jale Refik Rogers – HP

Although applying the PCR test for Covid-19 to those entering North Cyprus reduces risks of infection, it does not eliminate it, Molecular Genetics Specialist, HP Deputy Jale Refik Rogers has said.

Dr Rogers pointed out that the virus has an incubation period of 14 days, noting that people who arrive in the country with a ‘negative’ test certificate may later become ‘positive’.

Stating that local contamination is something to be expected, Rogers said, “The important thing is to prevent rapid spread”.

Aren’t we running late for the random PCR testing?” she asked, stating that some people may be asymptomatic. The Ministry of Health has a serious duty to prevent the spread of infection.

Rogers made some suggestions to prevent the rapid spread of cases and reaching a situation that would swamp the health system. She wrote the following. 

North Cyprus News - PCR Testing
PCR Testing – File Photo

“1. Detecting and restricting/preventing local case spread by performing random PCR tests in each region

“2. The Contact Tracking Application, which has been spoken of for a long time and has not come into effect, and it is mandatory for residents and tourists to enter the country; thus, if positive cases are detected, the contacts will be identified and isolated rapidly. 

“The best thing we can do to maintain the balance of health and economy during the reopening process is to take our health precautions early. With a few touches that are not very difficult, we can more easily control the system and keep it under control.


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