Twin Passions

Mevlut Safsoy has two enduring passions in his life.

One is his wife Mediha whom he married in 1954 and the other is his Morris Minor 1000 Traveller which he bought in 1976.

Mr Safoy (76) married his wife in Paphos in 1954 and pictures of her and his family decorate the inside of his car.

His Morris Minor was produced in England during the 1960’s and he bought it second hand in Gonyeli in 1976. He uses it every day for work and pleasure. Despite many offers to buy the car, he is not contemplating parting from it.

Mr Safoy says that he was a farmer in Paphos but had to flee in 1974. He left behind a lot of land and livestock. All his gardens, fields, vineyards had to be abandoned.

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