Twitter reinstated in Turkey by court ruling

Turkey’s ban on Twitter is about to be revoked following a ruling by the Constitutional Court which ruled that the ban violated free speech.

Yesterday, the Constitutional Court ruled unanimously that the ban was a violation of free speech which is guaranteed by Article 26 of the Constitution.

An application to reopen the website yesterday was made by Sezgin Tanrikulu, deputy chairman of the main opposition party CHP. However only today has the TIB moved to make the website available to the public once again.

TIB blocked access to Twitter on 20th March, just 10 days before the local elections. Hours before the ban, Prime Minister Erdogan vowed to close down the social media platform.

Prior to the local elections, numerous leaked phone conversations apparently made by state officials engaged in alleged corruption were downloaded onto You Tube and shared on Twitter.

All Turkish citizens are expected to regain access to Twitter after the TIB’s final decision to unblock the social media platform.

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