Two bomb blasts kill at least thirty people in Ankara – Updated

Two explosions shook a road junction in the centre of Ankara today, causing over 126 casualties including at least 30 fatalities, the Interior Ministry has said.

Although the cause of the blasts were not immediately clear, it has been speculated that it could have been the work of suicide bombers, given eye witness reports that human flesh was spread all over the blast area.

The explosions took place the both sides of the exit of the main railway station in the city, where the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) were gathering for a rally.

A peace march organised by labour unions together with a number of NGOs in protest against the conflict between the state and militants of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in southeast Turkey.

The police cleared the area to avoid more casualties in case there was another attack.

Update: Since this news item was published, Hurriyet reports that the death toll has risen to 95.


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