Two discharged from Nicosia hospital after MERS scare

Two patients out of ten (earlier reports stated six) who were admitted to Nicosia Dr Burhan Nalbantoglu Hospital suspected of being infected with the MERS virus have been now discharged, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

Physician in charge Dr Ramadan Kamiloglu issued the following statement:

Two people out of 10 who were taken in to our hospital on suspicion of having the MERS virus have got better, and their symptoms have completely disappeared. As a result discharging procedures have started. The state of the patient who we announced as being in a critical condition is now stable The other patients who are still in our hospital are showing positive progress.

Since the analysis reports are going to reach us by the weekend at the earliest, it is only then that we can make a diagnosis. At the moment we are acting in consideration that it could be the MERS virus and so we are taking the necessary precautions.” the statement concluded.

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