Two men alleged to have murdered British tourist released in the North

Two men who were arrested by the Turkish military and put on trial for illegally crossing the military zone have been released, much to the distress of the parents of George Low, who was killed in Ayia Napa in August last year.

The two men were suspected of his murder and of seriously injuring Low’s companion Ben Barker.

Reportedly the two alleged assailants, Mehmet Akpinar 22 and Sali Musa Ahmet 43 had confessed to killing the British tourist to the authorities, after the had fled to the North.

The Mirror Online reports that both men were permitted to leave North Cyprus without being charged for the murder. Their whereabouts are unknown.

Low’s mother Helen was quoted as saying that she and her husband felt “totally let down” by the authorities”.

Both men had been put on trial in the TRNC at a military court for entering a military zone, but were not charged with the Low’s murder and the grievous assault on his friend Barker. Ahmet was reportedly released two weeks ago and Akpinar in January.

We fail to understand why Turkey would allow a Bulgarian citizen [Ahmet] suspected of murder to be set free in their own country instead of handing him over to the Bulgarian authorities to start the deportation process back to southern Cyprus to stand trial for the despicable and senseless act of violence against our son George and Ben, a lifelong friend,” said Mrs Low.

The South Cyprus police issued arrest warrants for the two, but are still outstanding with authorities in the north refusing to hand them over.

The family had issued a petition to the UK and EU parliaments as well as UK prime minister Theresa May and foreign secretary Boris Johnson, urging them to exert pressure on Turkey to hand over the two accused men to stand trial for the murder and attempted murder of the two British citizens.

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