Two men arrested in south for attacking Turkish Cypriot taxi driver

The south Cyprus police have arrested the second suspect believed to be involved with the attack against a Turkish Cypriot taxi driver near the Metehan border crossing three months ago.

Taxi driver Ali Karapasa had reported the attack to the South Cyprus police.

On Saturday, a 22-year-old Greek Cypriot man from Nicosia was arrested in connection with the beating of a Turkish Cypriot taxi driver.

According to police, forensics matched his DNA to evidence taken from the scene of the beating, which occurred in the south. The suspect is accused of physically assaulting Ali Karapasa on 21st November 2016 near the Metehan border crossing. He was arrested on Saturday night.

A police official told Cyprus Weekly that the suspect’s DNA and fingerprints “were already in the police’s DNA database” but would not say why.

Following the arrest, police called Karapasa to identify the suspect in a line-up. Karapasa identified him and he was subsequently remanded in custody for five days.

After questioning, police investigators arrested another Greek Cypriot male, (22) on Monday in connection with the case.

Karapasa told reporters that police officers had taken the t-shirt he was wearing on the day of the attack for blood samples and fingerprints.

The police showed real interest in the case. They that they show more sensitivity to cases of attacks towards Turkish Cypriots and that they are more active in these cases”, added Karapasa.

Cyprus Weekly

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