Two Men Detained For Causing Four Million TL Worth of Damage

Friday, 18 March, 2022.

North Cyprus News - police - arrest - handcuffsTwo men have re-appeared at Famagusta Court following their arrest for stealing electric cables and causing around four million Turkish Lira’s worth of damage, Kibris Postasi reported.

The police are continuing their investigation into the theft of electric cable by the suspects Selim Esergül and Hüseyin Kara.

The court ruled that both suspects be detained for a further five days while the police continue their investigations.

At court, a police officer stated that both men had been caught in the act while breaking and entering a building in Derinya and stripping it of electric cables causing around four million Turkish Lira’s worth of damage and stealing a large amount of electric cables for the copper wires inside.

Kibris Postasi

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