Two men involved in Aiya Napa stabbing arrested in Kyrenia

Turkish Cypriot police have said that two men Mehmet Akpinar (22) and Salih Ahmet (43) who were involved in the murder of George Low in Ayia Napa on Sunday and who escaped to the North, have been arrested. It is thought that they violated a military zone, prior to their arrest in Kyrenia.

Both men will attend court in Nicosia on Saturday morning and if found guilty will be imprisoned.

It is not known yet, if the two men will be handed over to the authorities in the South, at some stage, as they are the chief suspects in a murder enquiry.

Earlier reports described the two as Turkish Cypriot, however, it is now said that younger man is Bulgarian and the other of Turkish or Arabic origin.

Meanwhile, a Greek Cypriot woman who lived with the younger suspect Mehmet Akpinar, remains in custody. A third man believed to have helped them escape is helping the police with their enquiries.

Cyprus Weekly, Kibris Gazetesi

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