Two Men Missing: Mystery Deepens

Two men missing on boat trip- Yeşilim
[Speed Boat ‘Yeşilim’ – File Photo]
Two men who went on a boat trip on May 10 have still failed to return, Yeniduzen reports.

 Sıtkı Akargöl and Emre Arslan vanished mysteriously while on a boat trip from Güzelyurt to Kumyalı. The incident, which has sparked numerous speculations, remains shrouded in mystery. Witnesses who were present at Kumyalı Fisherman’s Harbour on May 10 spoke to Yeniduzen, trying to shed light on events.

It was observed that Sıtkı Akargöl and Emre Arslan arrived at the Fisherman’s harbour around 1:30 pm in a white jeep and engaged in a conversation with the drivers of two other vehicles. As the police delve deeper into the investigation, it was noted that two additional individuals boarded the boat with Akargöl and Arslan. After a brief tour around the harbour, these two unidentified individuals disembarked from the boat.

As time passed, the incident took on new dimensions, with chilling allegations surfacing. Fahriye Akargöl, Sıtkı Akargöl’s mother, and his uncle Ali Erdem expressed their concerns, stating their desire for any updates regarding the situation. Fahriye Akargöl recalled her son’s departure from home, emphasising his calm demeanour  and that he had reassured her before leaving, which contrasted with his subsequent disappearance.

She also baffled by the fact that he was was involved in the rental of such an expensive boat. “My son was unemployed, who rented the million-dollar boat and why?” she asked.

The reason for Emre Arslan’s presence on the island alongside Sıtkı Akargöl remains unclear. Despite leaving the harbour around 3pm on May 10 in a speedboat, neither Arslan nor Akargöl were seen again. The police initially labelled the missing youths as “fishermen”, although it was later revealed that neither of them were fishermen.

Efforts to locate Sıtkı Akargöl have been ongoing, with the last signal from his phone traced to Ziyamet village in the Karpaz region on May 11. Extensive search operations have been conducted by both the police along the coast and the Coast Guard at sea. Witnesses who spotted Akargöl and Arslan in the area have provided statements to the police, while surveillance footage from a nearby buffet has been secured for examination.

Meanwhile, the whereabouts of the million-dollar boat named “Yeşilim” remain unknown. Its owner, who rented the vessel to Akargöl and Arslan, reported its disappearance to the police on May 11, prompting search efforts. The boat owner provided a statement to the Güzelyurt Police Department on May 14, while the identities of other vehicle owners in the area remain undisclosed by the authorities.

According to insights gathered by Yeniduzen, the proprietor of the high-value speedboat, stationed in Güzelyurt, leased it to Akargöl and Arslan. It was transported from Güzelyurt to Kumyalı village by a white jeep; the vessel was docked at the Fishermans Harbour. Simultaneously, the towing vehicle was also left at the beach before departing the area around 2pm. On May 11, the boat’s owner alerted the police to its departure and subsequent disappearance, prompting search operations. While the boat’s owner provided testimony to the Güzelyurt Police Department on May 14, the identities of the vehicle owners in the vicinity are being kept confidential by law enforcement.

Security Camera Footage Examined

The official in charge at Kumyalı Fisherman’s Harbour reported that upon reviewing their surveillance system, they noticed the last recording dated May 5. Police scrutiny revealed that the recording device’s plug had been disconnected. The official stated, “The police have conducted a thorough investigation. Whether the unplugging occurred inadvertently by fishermen during work or was a deliberate act remains to be determined“.

The final footage capturing Sıtkı Akargöl and Emre Arslan was located in the security footage of a nearby buffet. The footage depicts individuals conversing inside two vehicles for a duration. Although the identities of these individuals remain unknown, the police have begun procedures to try and identify the two individuals from their vehicle licence plates. Furthermore, it was revealed that the police have obtained statements from numerous individuals in the vicinity, with surveillance footage along the road leading to Kumyalı Fisherman’s Harbour under meticulous examination.

Mother Pleads For Her Son’s Return

Meanwhile, in Yeşilyurt village, Güzelyurt, the family of Sıtkı Akargöl anxiously awaits news. His mother, visibly distraught, has been stationed by the phone for six days, desperate for word from her son. Fahriye Akargöl, who spoke to Yeniduzen, recounted her son’s departure on Friday, May 10, intending to travel to Nicosia around midday. She recalled, “Sıtkı didn’t have access to his car; he planned to take a bus to Nicosia. That day, my phone was at the repair shop, and I retrieved it in the afternoon. Assuming he would spend the night at a friend’s place, I refrained from calling. However, upon his failure to contact me the following day, I dialled his number, only to find it switched off. Shortly after, my younger son relayed that the police had contacted him, reporting Sıtkı’s departure at sea and subsequent unreachability since yesterday“.


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