Two New Cases of the Coronavirus Detected Today

Cyprus News - Health Minister - Dr. Ali Pilli 2
Health Minister –
Dr. Ali Pilli

Health Minister Ali Pilli announced that two new Covid-19 cases were detected today. Pilli also expressed his condolences regarding a 74-year-old Turkish Cypriot man who died this morning from complications due to the coronavirus.

Pilli stated that 138 tests were done today. He also told BRT that 3,246 tests have been performed so far and 94 cases have been detected since the first Covid-19 case 28 days ago. He noted that a total of 44 patients were discharged, 47 patients continued treatment, and one person was in intensive care.

Pilli emphasised that the three patients who had died were all elderly and had chronic diseases.

He called on young people especially to stay at home. When they do have to leave the house, it is necessary to use a mask and maintain social distance. Pilli said that on the occasion of World Health Day, the healthcare professionals have been working tirelessly for the past 28 days.

Pilli stated that, as a country, our situation is not bad but this cannot be guaranteed and all warnings must be heeded.

The health minister said that one of the new cases is in Beyarmudu and the other is in the Lapta area, adding that the new two cases are contact cases.


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