Two of three ELAM members who attacked Talat acquitted

Former Turkish Cypriot President Mehmet Ali Talat has said he was not surprised by the fact that the members of ELAM who attacked him during a conference in Limassol in 2014 were acquitted by a court in South Cyprus. The court acquitted two of the three who attacked Talat.

Members of the far right organisation ELAM, disrupted a meeting in Limassol which was being addressed by the former Turkish Cypriot president.

Despite a flare being thrown into the hall close to the US ambassador, who was also present, no one was hurt.

Noting that he was actually expecting such a decision, Talat blamed the South Cyprus police for “not even trying to prevent the incident” and of not submitting enough evidence to the court. He said:

At this point I cannot say anything about the judiciary. It seems that the police have not submitted adequate evidence to the court. In any case, the police had not even tried to prevent the incident. Everyone in the room saw who did something and what they did. I also saw. Is it possible for the police not to have seen?”

Kibris Postasi

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