Two Ozzy Cypriots Walking Length of Cyprus

Two Australian friends, Yalcin Adal and Stavros Protz from Turkish and Greek Cypriot backgrounds respectively, are walking 400 kilometres through the middle of Cyprus over 16 days to inspire reconciliation and support for a united island.

Both Cypriots want a unified Cyprus without boundaries.

Describing how he decided to take such a walk from his social media account, Yalcin Adal said, “Colin Thubron took a 600-kilometre walk through Cyprus in 1972. His legends blended character, history, and architectural structures. I was excited to read them. I was inspired. I decided to walk. I offered my friend Stavros to do our own hike because I believe that the beautiful days of Cyprus are not in the past but in the future.”

Stavros said that the borders of Cyprus are mountains and seas, “There is no limit to this island apart from these natural borders. We want to live together. The rest is just idle. We started our journey on the east of the island where the sun rises.”

Anyone interested on meeting the two can join them on March 29 at 5pm, at the Ledra/Lokmaci street crossing point, to welcome them.


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