Patient suspected of having CJD remains in critical condition

One other patient suspected of having Creutzfeld-Jacob disease (CJD) remains critically ill in hospital. The other patient, 59 year old Fatis Us, died yesterday and Chief Physician of Nicosia State hospital says that the final test results to assess if the disease is CJD would take two weeks. He stressed that all necessary precautions had been taken.

Expert in Tropical Diseases Dr Feridun Adahan says that the possibility of contracting the disease from animals in the country was minimal and there was no need for widespread panic.

Head of the Veterinary Union Umut Sayili said this disease had not been found in animals in the country until now, whilst Prof Dr Nedim Cakir stated that it was not possible to say if ‘mad cow disease’ or CJD was found in the country with clinical discoveries.

Agriculture Minister Sennaroglu, in a statement, said that the products believed to cause this illness had been banned since 2001 and their importation was illegal.

Kibris Postasi

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