Two suspected Syrian terrorists arrested in Limassol

Limassol CID arrested two Syrian men on Wednesday morning on suspicion of attempting to join Islamic State fighters in war torn Syria.

Chief Ioannis Sotiriades of Limassol CID said: “After a police operation two Syrian men have been detained by police. We are now undergoing an investigation into the allegations and will be questioning the men to gather further information”.

Police arrested the Syrians following a tip off about the suspects.

Last month, police in South Cyprus arrested two Syrian residents on the island on suspicion of having links to Jihadists in the Islamic State.

According to information, the two men aged 39 and 46, were raising money to send to Syria in order to help raise funds for terrorist organisations. At the same time they purchased pick-up trucks from the South before then driving across to North Cyprus where they would be then shipped off to Syria.

Both men have denied the accusations.


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