UBP-DP coalition addresses the unions

Prime Minister Huseyin Ozgurgun has stressed that “the government wants to work in cooperation and harmony with all trade unions”.

Addressing a meeting with the Turkish Cypriot trade unions and a delegation from the Turkish trade union Yol-Is (trade union of road, building and construction workers), Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Serdar Denktaş alleged that some are trying to damage relations between Turkey and North Cyprus, aiming at transforming Cyprus into a Greek island, as the Greek Cypriots have been wanting for years now.

Denktaş further claimed that the EU and many international actors are trying to distance Turkish Cypriots from Turkey in order to make them sign an agreement at all costs. He also claimed that although the EU officials have been deceived by the Greek Cypriots, the EU is trying again to deceive the Turkish Cypriots.

Referring to Turkey’s guarantees, Denktaş said that the guarantees are protecting the Turkish Cypriots’ lives and rights. Noting that Britain and Greece are ready to remove the Treaty of Guarantee, Denktaş argued that if the issues of guarantees and security are left to the last stages of discussion, then Turkey will not be able to say no to the removal of the guarantees, because it will be seen as an obstacle to the solution. He concluded by claiming that the citizens will reject an agreement, which will not include Turkey’s guarantee, which is an approved guarantee system.

Kemal Durust, Minister of Public Works and Communication, said that they have strong bonds with Turkey, adding that the Turkish Cypriots will never abandon Turkey or the TRNC flag. He also said that he believes as Turkey is strong, so the TRNC exists in peace.

The Minister of Labour and Social Security Hamza Ersan Saner, for his part, said that Turkey’s EU membership process has been unjustly and deliberately stalled by the European Union, adding that the Turkish Cypriots had been left out in the cold, despite voting in favour of a settlement in 2004. Saner further claimed that the EU had enrolled the Greek Cypriot sector in the EU in order to use them as a pawn.


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